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50 Shades of Massage is a woman’s only exclusive straight male escort and massage experience created and delivered just for you by Fabian Love. This is an experience created by you, the client, and so you remain completely in control of how things unfold.

Discover the ultimate full body massage for her experience in London. Be the centre of Fabian’s world for an event or your own special personal experience. Contact Fabian to open dialogue today.

What Is Life Without Love?

Fabian Love is the creator of 50 Shades of Massage and London’s premier straight male escort.

And he’s here for you…. Whether you choose Fabian to be your sensual masseur, your companion for an intimate dinner date or as your hot, bedroom playmate he will make you the centre of his world.

A very fit, straight 37 year old, Fabian is an actor; but has also worked for over 10 years as a masseur in the country’s highest profile establishments – including private members clubs, luxury spas and tennis clubs.

Athletic, lean and of Caribbean/South American descent Fabian makes a striking impression. With dark eyes and a deep voice he is also well-travelled, well-read, intellectual and very easy to talk to.

Clean-living Fabian exercises and meditates every day and only enjoys a rare glass of champagne when not working. As confident in the bedroom as he is in a smart restaurant Fabian is happy to take the lead.

And thanks to his work in the health & fitness industry and as a male escort he has extensive and intimate experience of women’s bodies. Regular clients would confirm he is very skilled, open and creative when it comes to love.

A Note From Fabian:

‘Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. If you are here then you might be looking for something a little more in your life? Or in your bedroom?

I believe that realising hidden dreams and desires isn’t only for men, plenty of women are eager to explore a new side of themselves. And this is where I can help. Wanting passion and pleasure is natural, we all need them in our lives and I can deliver both.

50 Shades of Massage was set up after countless requests from my female clients. I was surprised there were so few services focusing solely on women and their needs, especially in such a cosmopolitan and broad-minded city as London.

I have loved creating this bespoke and unique service because I love women, I love spending time with them and find something fascinating and beautiful in all of them. Happily I now have many regular clients who come to me for a little ‘Fabianism’, we have fun and it’s great to see them open up and radiate that newfound sexuality we have discovered together.

Life can be so calculated and predictable, and the experience of two people coming together to create their own passionate physical encounter is both gratifying and exhilarating. And an encounter with me will not only lift you up from the everyday but it will put a put a spring in your step and a smile on your face for every day after.

I’d go as far as to say we might even create a bit of magic together… so come on, call me now for a discreet, no-obligation chat about how we can spend our time together. After all, what is life without love?’